Monday, February 26, 2007

Weekend Getaway to Greensboro

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This past weekend for my birthday, Joe and I took a little weekend getaway to Greensboro, just 1.5 hours from Raleigh. We took a short detour on the way to Greensboro and stopped in Seagrove, NC, to visit the North Carolina Pottery Center. Seagrove is home to more than 90 potters. After walking through a few stores and taking in an exhibition and gallery showing at the pottery center, we continued up north to Greensboro.

We ate thai food in downtown Greensboro and then spent the next couple of hours walking around the city, taking in all the sights. We also visited the Greensboro Cultural Center, which houses a few different art exhibitions. We saw the O. Henry sculptures and ended our wanderings in front of a very large Methodist church we'd seen as we drove into the city.

By then it was time to check into our hotel and get ready for dinner.

We stayed at the O. Henry hotel (named for the writer O. Henry, who was born in Greensboro) which is a beautiful hotel! By far the nicest hotel I've ever stayed in! We had dinner at the Green Valley Grill (owned and operated by the same folks who run a good restaurant in Raleigh where we've eaten a few times). Dinner was yummy; I had fettucine with goat cheese sauce, spinach and walnuts, followed by tiramisu cake. I was stuffed. But had to save room for the cheese and wine and chocolates we had delivered to our room later (that was part of the package we found at the hotel - the Elegant Escape package). It was definitely very elegant.

Sunday was a bit of a bummer. We had planned to take it easy in the morning, eat breakfast, get showered and dressed and then walk around the city some more. But the rain had other plans in mind. It was very rainy and very cold, so after a light lunch, we decided it would be best to just head home. Neither of us were up for walking in the rain. So our elegant escape came to an end early, but we had a lot of fun exploring a new place for a little while. Definitely a place I'd like to revisit in the future.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

A boy, his dog, and a burrito

This past weekend, Joe made an egg burrito for breakfast. Indi sat fixated on it for the entire duration of the meal. She looked up at Joe's mouth, then down at his plate, up and down with each bit. She kept hoping for a piece of the burrito, but alas, none fell from above.