Thursday, September 20, 2007

More garden shots

Indi loves her new yard

(Well, perhaps she loves the mulch more!)

Summer's bounty in the fall

A trip to Lowes with my friend Michelle yesterday prompted Joe and I to return to Lowes in the evening and purchase some of the flowers I had planned on planting in the front beds next spring. Fall is the time for planting and since the store had the flowers I wanted, we planted them now instead of next year.

Here's what the yard has looked like over the past year and a half, ending with the newest additions: black-eyed susans, coneflowers, and white daisies. I think the coneflowers will flower next summer (there are no unopened buds) but the black-eyed susans are in full bloom and the white daisies are covered with buds ready to open. Looks like we'll have some color soon!

PS. We LOVE loropetalums (the three purple shrubs in the front/middle) - they've just taken off this summer, despite some rather severe drough conditions.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

3D and 4D shots of our baby!

Just got home from our 3D/4D ultrasound appointment and have some neat shots - and video - to share!

Our baby was sitting in the breech position with her feet up to her face. In these shots you can see her face, her feet and her hands all together! She still has some time to flip around into the proper birthing position but for now, the breech position makes for some fun photos!

The best was getting her to kick on cue. She had been moving while we were in the waiting room but settled down when it came time for the ultrasound. So towards the end, I tapped my belly and she kicked back. My belly popped up, so I tapped again and the second time we got to see her foot kick on the screen!

Note: Some of the shots look like she has her eyes open or just a little weird; that's just the nature of the ultrasound. She had her eyes closed the entire visit, but graced us with a lovely yawn and a tongue poking out at one point also!

Little smile

Big yawn

Feet and hands

Peaceful baby

More peaceful baby

Friday, September 14, 2007


A month and a half in the waiting...

Ok, so maybe I'm a dork for taking photos of the rain but hey: 1. I got to use the action speed setting on my camera; 2. Our new sod appreciates the FREE tasty beverage; and 3. Our soon-to-be hefty water bill appreciates not having to add this evening's watering to the list.

Please make there be more where this came from!

Oh no you don't!

Yesterday Joe spent a while outside waiting with zoom lens while watching our neighbor's hummingbird feeder. We see the hummingbirds often fighting while flying up into the trees, but Joe caught this shot when a second bird decided to fly in for a snack while the dominant male was dining. Needless to say, bird number two left a little hungry.

Monday, September 10, 2007


Christmas has arrived early for me . . . and Santa brought just what I asked for: a new yard! No more weeds, no more red clay (at least not visible to the naked eye), no more mud. (Did I mention the weeds? We are now free of crabgrass!)

(One from the archives - the before picture)

The landscape guys arrived on Friday afternoon and started stripping the yard of all growth.

Then on Saturday, they continued by filling the one-day-to-be-filled beds with top soil, landscape fabric and mulch and adding a layer of top soil to the rest of the yard.

Monday they arrived with a giant truck-load of sod!

We now have a beautiful yard (just picture some shrubs, flowers and trees) where Indi can roam and sniff and lay in her sunbeams without laying on rocks and clay.

Yay for insta-yard!

Best friends

A dog and her duck. 'Nuff said.

Our crazy dog!

Our yard has been in a state of disrepair since Friday afternoon as we await the arrival of new sod today. Indi has been in a similar state of disrepair as the yard has mostly been off limits to her since that time.

This morning I let her out with me while I was taking some "before" shots that I'll post with the "after" shot when we have the sod.

She ran around like a nut, creating a huge dust pile wherever she ran. She's crazy!

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Belly shot: 27 weeks!

The boys are back in town

This weekend Joe went with Jason and Scott to ride in the MS150 in New Bern, NC. For those watching the weather - specifically Tropical Storm Gabrielle - you might have wondered if they were rained out.

Yesterday they were all able to ride the first 100 miles. The plan was to ride another 100 mile (essentially making it the MS200!) but the 75 mile and the 100 mile rides were canceled, leaving only the 30 mile ride. So they rode in the MS130 this weekend!

Here they are while unpacking their bikes before hobbling to their respective houses to soak in their respective tubs.

Sore muscles abound in this house. Wonder who will rub MY back tonight?

Last weekend

Last weekend we took Indi to a nature park up a little north of Raleigh. Here are some pictures from that walk.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Could get away with murder?

So, we're getting our yard prepped for sod this weekend; sod will be set out on Monday. Our county is in the midst of water restrictions due to the severe drought conditions, so I was told by someone who worked for the Town of Clayton to call the "code enforcement officers" to find out about getting permission to water our sod every day for 2 weeks.

I called. Here's a snippet of the conversation:

Lady: Clayton police.
Dale: Yes, I was told to call this number and speak with the code enforcement officers about watering my yard on the restricted days.
Lady: Hold please.

Another lady: Animal control.
Dale: Yes, I was told to call this number and speak with the code enforcement officers about watering my yard on the restricted days. Since you're animal control, perhaps I have the wrong person.
Lady: No, that's me.
Dale: Great! We're getting new sod this weekend and I wanted to find out how to get permission to water on the restricted days as we have to water the new sod for at least 2 weeks.
Lady: That's fine.
Dale: Great! Do you need my name and address for the record?
Lady: Um...... No, I have so many things to keep track of right now. You'll be fine. If anyone shows up or questions you, just tell you spoke with me.

I had to ask her what her name was just for my records, since they don't seem too hung up on keeping such things.

So, I'm wondering. If it's this easy to break the water restrictions and water every day, what other rules might we be able to break - er, bend - easily?