Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Friday, July 10, 2009

Eden Tickle Monster

Watch as Eden tries to tickle Ava's feet (and Ava tries to not lose her jean shorts)!


During the summer, the library offers a "meet-n-greet" series where kids can go and see ambulances, firetrucks, police officers, etc. Today was the helicopter! We picked up our neighbor Melissa around 9:20 and went to the field at the high school where the helicopter was scheduled to land at 9:30.

Two hours later, we got to see the helicopter land.

Ava did really well considering she walked about for a little while at first and then was confined to her stroller. Melissa, Ava and I sat in the shade of a big truck for a while as Joe went to get gas and fetch some water. Then Joe took Ava to the van for a while, where she played in the back with all of her toys. Just when we were about to call it quits, the helicopter appeared! Ava loved seeing - and hearing - the helicopter and also the ambulances and fire trucks in the parking lot. After it landed, we made a quick getaway to lunch at the Flipside.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

June part 4: Baows! (balls)

The new ball pit and 150 balls arrived! Ava had such a great time playing with Devin in his similar structure that I decided it would be fun to change out some of the larger toys in the playroom with something she could crawl around and hide in. And of course, who needs a reason for 150 balls!?

The playhut came with three structures - this one sits off by itself, housing a blanket and a teddy bear. No need to build any tents anytime soon.

People in glass houses... Should also read: grownups should crawl through ball pits as they might get stuck and need assistance being removed. Just a cautionary tale.

June part 3: Not thrilled

It was an early morning for all of us. Ava woke up at 5:30am and decided no more sleeping for her - or us. She was crabby around 8:30 and she and I left the house around 9 to make a quick stop to exchange some toys at the resource center before heading to the Little Gym. In memory of Michael Jackson, I played a little Thriller. As you can tell, she was not too thrilled.

I'm sure this early morning nap had more to do with the early wake-up than Michael's talent. One day she'll learn to appreciate the entertainment value of zombies - and she too, will thank MJ for that!

June part 2: Love me, love my crocs

June part 1

A girl and her lion.

The kid loves her books.

Reading a story to baby and teddybear before she tells them, "Naptime."

These shoes were made for walkin'