Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

No photos of our Halloween evening - which involved sitting on our porch and socializing with our friends while handing out candy to kids - but I found this cute Frankenstein cake at the grocery store and had to buy it. As usual we purchased too much candy, so towards the end, Joe started giving out handfuls. Unfortunately the kids got away with the good stuff; all we have leftover now are a bag full of lollipops. Yuck.

Note: Joe dressed up again as the funky chicken, but decided to change out of the costume after scaring several of the children and their mothers. (One child: "I'm so scared of chickens"; one mother: "Who is the creepy guy in the chicken costume? Does he even have children? He could be a child molester.")

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A funky chicken and ramen noodles?

Sounds like the start of a bad joke, but really, there is a story here.

We visited with Kim and Mike for a few minutes tonight and Mike tells Joe that he has two costumes: a pimp costume and a chicken costumes. Joe says he'll take the chicken costume, no contest.

The ramen noodles? Kim and Mike were dining on ramen noodles that night and we started reminiscing our college days and eating ramen noodles. Our generous friends sent us home with a chicken costume and two packs of ramen noodles, which we proceeded to devour within minutes of arriving home and capturing the event on camera.

Yummy noodles - but too much sodium! We were both left feeling full but thirsty!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

34 Weeks

Does this outfit make my butt look big? The consensus between Joe and myself is YES! Pregnancy clothes, while super comfy, are not always the most flattering! While I'm nearing the end, I don't have a huge belly, so the mid-pregnancy clothes still fit (but hang under my belly) and the later pregnancy clothes fit (but slide down my belly, despite having the full belly panel). I'm in a constant state of pulling up my pants. Give me a nice butt crack and I could pass for a plumber!

A look back at the previous weeks . . .

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Baby shower!

Today was my baby shower! My friends Michelle, Kim and Katie hosted it across street from me at Michelle's house. My mom, her friend Yvonne, my best friend Christie (with her 11 month old daughter Agatha) came to stay for the weekend and Joe's mom and her best friend Brenda drove in for the day. We had a wonderful weekend and a great time at the shower.

Here are some shots of the day. I hope to add another photo (taken on Kim's camera) that shows the three hosts and me.

On the invitation, there was a little rhyme: A baby is predicted, but first there will be a shower. There were lots of rubber duckies, an umbrella and a very clever flower centerpiece: flowers placed inside yellow rain boots!

On the invitation, also, were polka dots. The cake had polka dots and I was lucky enough to find a dress with polka dots!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Turn around, little baby

Had my latest doctor appointment today, and by her guestimation, the nurse that I saw believes Ava is still in the head-up position - not the optimal position for a natural birth; more like the optimal position for a scheduled c-section. I go back to the doctor in 2 weeks for my 36 week checkup (yikes - I'm at 34 weeks; that means 6 weeks left!) and will have an ultrasound before the appointment to determine how she's sitting.

If she's still breech, then we'll have the c-section and external version (where the doctors try to move the baby manually from the outside) discussion; if she has flipped over and is head-down, we'll breath a sigh of relief! At least after 36 weeks the doctors begin doing internal exams and can feel what part of her is down (hopefully they can tell the difference between a head and a foot), so we'll be able to keep tabs on her at the weekly appointments. So for now, send happy flipping vibes our way!

Monday, October 15, 2007

NC State Fair

No, this is not a random blog entry about my least favorite Rogers and Hammerstein musical. This past week marked the start of the North Carolina State Fair and yesterday afternoon Joe and I joined our friend Kim and Mike to be four of the predicted 750,000 people to partake in the fair. This was my first state fair and I had a great time!

Here are some of the highlights:

** Food consumed: 4 polish sausages, 2 orders of large french fries, 1 kosher pickle, 1 sour pickle, 4 samples of seasoned peanuts (chocolate covered, bbq, sun-dried tomato and honey roasted), 1 caramel apple, 1 corn dog, 2 ears of roasted corn, 2 hot apple ciders, 3 homemade ice-creams, 1 chocolate dipped ice-cream cone, 1 hot pretzel with mustard, and many handfuls of kettle corn. Oh, the yumminess! Note: all of the above food was not consumed by one person alone. Remember, there were four of us there!

** Animals seen: lots of cows, donkeys, goats, pigs, sheep, turkey. Amongst the judged agriculture was the best in show - a black cow that was purchased by Harris Teeter for $25,000!

** An OREO COW - I finally saw one up-close. And sadly, they are not called Oreo cows, but Belted Galloway cows. And they're used for beef. After seeing all the cute cows, I'm not sure I can eat a burger for a while. Or spaghetti for that matter. Sigh.

** Flower and garden show: mini landscapes set up and judged; lots of chrysanthemums.

** NC of years gone by: watched a blacksmith at work and saw how farmers used to dry tobacco leaves.

** Did I mention the food? Saw lots of signs for vendors serving fried things: deep-fried oreos, deep-friend twinkies, deep-fried coca cola (?!). Luckily for our intestinal tracts, we all managed to avoid those vendors.

Things to try at the next state fair: funnel cake. Sadly, by the time all of the aforementioned food was consumed, Joe no longer had room for a funnel cake. Maybe next time.

Note: The food you see in front of Kim and I is actually the order for the four of us - Joe was taking the picture and Mike was off getting silverware.

NC State Fair - Having fun!

NC State Fair - Best in Show


This Friday, our landscaper brought more Christmas to us by planting our trees a day early. We now have 3 white crape myrtles, 1 river birch, 1 maple, 1 purple leaf plum and 3 butterfly bushes. More to follow in the spring (shrubs and flowers) but for now, our yard is beautiful and no longer barren and dusty!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Woe are us

Can you exterminate a yucky cold? Joe came home from Chicago with some dirty laundry and a bad cold. His cold turned into a sinus infection. Last night, my throat started hurting and this morning it was all in my chest - not sure if it's bronchitis as my OB just called in a RX (thankfully I didn't have to make the drive to the office today and again on Thursday). Now we're both moping about (one will say the other is more mopey than the him / her) with the sniffles and bad coughs.


Joe is heading to Ohio at the end of the month. I told him if he catches another cold while out of town, he can stay in Ohio.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Spooky spider

Last night Joe and I went to a party. When we came home, we saw a little toad in the driveway. Rather than risk squishing him, I jumped out of the car to chase him into the yard. Unfortunately - or fortunately - he decided he'd rather explore the garage. I found him right next to the wall, sitting amongst some stuff, right next to a large spider web which held a large black widow spider killing another spider.

Tomorrow we'll be calling the exterminator.

I can handle orb spiders or wolf spiders or general house spiders - well, I can tolerate them, I don't handle them - but I draw the line at black widows. There's something about their shiny black bodies and long legs and the way they walk that makes them absolutely icky and creepy.

Until we moved to NC, I had never even seen one. Since we moved, we bbq'd one on our grill, I killed one in the front garden with weed killer (I couldn't find the bug killer), Joe came face-to-face with one under the house, and the one last night met her (um)timely death at the hand of a ziploc bag box. Four black widows on my house.

First all the ticks and tick bites. Now the poisonous spiders.


PS. No, I did not take the picture. We weren't about to run in and grab the camera when there was spidercide to be done.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Itchy and scratchy

Seems the itchies (or rather, PUPPS) have returned. While not as bad as last time, I thought I was done with being itchy, so it's slowly driving me mad. Had my bile acids tested to make sure it wasn't the nasty liver problem that can manifest itself as itchy skin, and all that came back normal and negative. Big sigh.

Off to grab some lunch and pick up ingredients to make artichoke dip for a party tonight. Yummy! Hopefully there'll be some leftover to actually take to the party when I'm done making it!

Friday, October 05, 2007

Back from the windy city!

After a week in Chicago attending the Adobe Max conference, Joe got home last night earlier than planned as he moved his flight home up. Here is one of the pictures he posted from his architectural tour of the city. He says Chicago is awesome and that we should go there together sometime. Perhaps in the new year, the three of us (!) could go as a family.

What the heck is that picture? Take a look at this one and others from his trip.

Brain taken by aliens

So, I'm at 31 weeks and it's official: my brain has been taken by aliens. Not only am I extremely forgetful and scatterbrained, today it was playing tricks on me.

Leaf peeing? What's that? (see illustration below from for what I really saw!)

Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Just spent the last 10 minutes laying on the couch, watching Oprah and my belly move and squiggle. Baby has hiccups! Quite funny to feel baby hiccups (they feel sorta like a much stronger pulse). Now I'm hiccuping...

Joe's in Chicago - has been there since Saturday and will fly home Thursday. I've been trying to keep myself busy and out of trouble. So that, for me (when Joe is gone), always involves home decoration of some sort. Last time Joe was out of town, his dad and I painted the nursery. This time around, I continued my nursery adventures by painting little birds around the room and hanging the baby's name above the crib. I would type her name here, but not everyone has been told and I'd rather not have people read it before we get a chance to tell folks in person. So for now, she'll continue to be "baby."

I really need to continue the nursery adventure by painting the bookshelves so Joe can get to work this weekend and hang things on the wall. Between my haircut and lunch out tomorrow and my teeth cleaning on Thursday, I'm not sure I'm going to have time. But we'll see how the next couple of days plays out.