Sunday, August 19, 2007

Busy Sunday

Woke up this morning and went for my usual 2.5 mile walk with Indi, but this time I added on a new loop as we explored the new trail behind our houses. Not sure how much mileage that added, but I walked for probably 25 minutes more, so we guessed I probably walked between 3 and 3.5 miles. Good stuff!

Then, while contemplating breakfast, I decided that I really wished I had bought some pancake mix at the store this past week. So, Joe and I hopped into the car and went to the grocery store with a list to make a yummy Sunday brunch. Eggs, chicken sausage and pancakes with bananas and syrup. Hit the spot!

Then onto those little things that I have been neglecting. Baby stuff. Thanks to the huge generosity of friends and my parents, we have more baby clothes than I ever imagined! I have slowly been washing / drying / sorting them, and today was the big sort and store. Below you'll see the a "before" collage with many little piles of clothes; after you'll see all those little piles neatly (and age-organized) in giant ziploc baggies. I love giant ziploc baggies!

Whew! All that folding. Time for a nap... or at least a snack, now that my large breakfast has settled.

While I was sorting baby clothes, Joe was installing our much needed (and much overdue) curtains! Woohoo! We finally have curtains in our bedroom and the little sitting area (no more bright street lights at night time) and the baby's room is also curtained. She'll sleep nice and cozy now. Pictures of the baby's room to follow... whenever we get our furniture delivered and assembled.

She'll have more clothes than I do. Perhaps we're creating a monster. She'll grow up with an insatiable appetite for shopping and a need for a closet the size of her bedroom. Yikes!

I love giant ziploc baggies! They're also perfect for traveling!

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