Saturday, May 03, 2008

The witching hour

4:30 AM

Mommy hears baby stirring in the pack-n-play. Rushes through to find baby has moved 90 degrees from bedtime position and is now "stuck" sideways in the pack-n-play. Suspicion confirmed! Mommy slowly moves baby without waking. Mommy returns to bed, pleased with herself for her stealthy act.

4:31 AM

Baby: Oh boy, my legs move up and down up and down up and down. Wait. When my legs move up and down the bassinet moves sideways. Oh fun! Up down boom! Up down boom! Up down boom!

Mommy rushes back to baby to try soothe back to sleep before baby is fully awake.

Baby: Too late mom! Up down boom! Up down boom! Oh oh fingers! Pacifier. Happiness is up down boom! Fingers, hands, pacifier. Up dow...

Mommy slowly removes hand from baby's fingers and moves away from pacifier. Pacifier slowly slides from baby's mouth.

Baby: Pacifier down! Pacifier down! Up down up down up down! Hands hands!

Mommy decides to forgo any attempts at helping baby learn good "back to sleep" techniques and takes baby with her back to the big bed. Sets up baby on daddy's side of the bed (left vacant as daddy is in Minnesota) and crawls back under the covers for some more sleep.

5:00 AM

Baby: Oh oh. New place. Ooh. There's something new and there's something new and over there, there's something new also! FUN! Up down up down! Oh wait, there's mom's hands . . . and the pacifier. Ahhh...

Moment of quiet.

Baby: Pacifier down! Pacifier down! Up down up down up down! Hands hands!

Repeat last two entries until finally . . . 5:30 AM sleep.

6:12 AM

Baby: Ok! Awake now! Woohoo! This is the MOST fun ever! Up down up down up down!

Mommy has since removed the bassinet insert from the pack-n-play. She may break her back lowering and lifting baby from the bottom now, but at least the bassinet won't move sideways when baby decides to move around.

On one positive note, baby did roll over onto her tummy and lift her head up all by herself - Mommy wonders if perhaps the gravity of having another body in bed helped baby a bit but is not 100% convinced of that. Baby started over on one side of the bed and slowly moved herself over and then rolled. Good news . . . too bad this first didn't happen during the waking hours!

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