Monday, November 03, 2008

A divided household

No. Not Joe and I - between us and my dad! I sent a picture I found in the archives to the family earlier today; seems even in her young month-old-wisdom, Ava was wise beyond her years.

Then Pern fired back with his own campaign shot in defense of my Dad's "right to choose" who he votes for," whatever THAT means! Not sure where he dug it up, but the conversation that followed has been a lot more entertaining than anything we've seen from Obama and McCain for the past many months.

And the last picture - a doctored version of the coupon I designed for my moms group's SPCA fundraiser. I was trying to give it a more conservative spin since we live in a more conservative area. No, these did not go out to the public - until now!

Me: Even from an early age, I knew she was smart! I just discovered this
in iPhoto! Couldn't have found it at a more relevant time!

My mom: Your Dad will say she's upset at having to wear that shirt.

Pern: Doug, It's your vote, your choice! Do what YOU want! Don't let anyone sway your vote with cute baby pics... or candy... or 25 year old scotch.

Joe (in response to the photo): An old guy and someone who can't speak in complete sentences?

Me to Pern: I think you've been threatened with staying home from both
the polls and Disneyland if you don't vote a certain way... Stop
encouraging this behavior! [He and my sister and parents are heading to Disneyland on the 5th and she threatened to ban him from the trip if he voted a certain way.]

Pern: What behavior? The right to vote for who you want and voice your own opinion? And if I vote a certain way I don't think they are *not* going to let me into DisneyWorld. I'm not saying who I'm voting for, because I don't really know. I'm in the 9% of Undecided Virginia Voters right now. But I will be voting for someone with the letters M, O, C, A, in their name.

Pern: Doug, Joe just called you Old! Who is your favorite son-in-law now?

Joe: My logic (which may be flawed): the easiest way I know to my father-in-law happy is to keep his daughter happy, even if it involves insulting him.

The results are still not tallied but I think it's clear - Joe wins by a clear margin!

Happy Voting Day for tomorrow - have fun standing in lines!

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