Friday, March 13, 2009

Weekend at the beach

We're sitting here waiting for the 5:30pm registration to begin. Our very first overnight without Ava and we're at a hotel for a newly-diagnosed MS retreat offered by the MS Society. We're hoping to meet other young couples with children who might be in a boat similar to ours. So far, though, we've only seen one person: an older man (in his 60s) walking with a poor left leg and a cane.

I'm optimistic that this weekend won't be all misery. At least we have a sort-of beach view (if you can handle the cold wind as you lean over the balcony) - pictures to follow as soon as Joe's iPhone's email function is back to working.

If nothing else, $15 got us an evening away with food and entertainment!

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nikole said...

Thinking of you and hoping for a good weekend.

Love the new blog look!