Wednesday, July 01, 2009

June part 4: Baows! (balls)

The new ball pit and 150 balls arrived! Ava had such a great time playing with Devin in his similar structure that I decided it would be fun to change out some of the larger toys in the playroom with something she could crawl around and hide in. And of course, who needs a reason for 150 balls!?

The playhut came with three structures - this one sits off by itself, housing a blanket and a teddy bear. No need to build any tents anytime soon.

People in glass houses... Should also read: grownups should crawl through ball pits as they might get stuck and need assistance being removed. Just a cautionary tale.

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Cate Sia said...

Just 150? It sure looks like Ava is enjoying the playhut set. I hope Devin and I (and Gwynne too) will be able to see the set up in person soon!