Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Saying hi to the animals

During the past few trips to Babies-R-Us, Ava has pointed out the rhinoceros, tiger and elephant cardboard animals hanging from the ceiling. As we drove back to the store yesterday, I told her that we could see the rhinoceros etc. When we got to the store, however, they were gone. I spotted them sitting against a wall - destined for either the trash can or return mail to BRU Headquarters. After being asked by what looked like a manager-type if I needed help, I asked the fate of the cut-outs. "Why? You want them?" he replied. SURE! He moved them to the front of the store for us and we loaded the van.

Ava loves her animals and this morning bounced up and down at the gate in the kitchen to go upstairs to see the "nocenus, tigUR and edalant." Enjoy!

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Carla Brown said...

Way to go! The best type of recycling ever - the kind that makes our kids super happy!

(Now writing that one up as a green tip would be really original - "Monitor store decorations and ask store manager for them."

:) Carla