Sunday, September 17, 2006

Lofty goals: Attained!

We built a loft... and painted our garage!

Now, I know most of you are saying, "You painted the garage?!?" I know it's not something that typically ever gets painted, but I was tiring of the polka dot spackling and drywall, so Joe and I made a deal: He could build his loft if we painted the garage. That means walls AND ceiling! Take look for yourselves to see the finished product!

Note: No Joes nor Dales were injured during the making of the loft. And let it be noted that Dale did in fact use the circular saw, but being the photographer for the event, was unable to photograph herself doing such!

Special thanks to Doug and Mike for their help!

Oh yes, and in between the trip to Lowes and the raising of the loft, we managed a quick trip to the Clayton Harvest Festival, where we dined on fine funnel cakes and unwisely rode a very fast carnival ride. We both exited the ride feeling a little blue. Next year, carnival ride first, funnel cake second!

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