Saturday, November 11, 2006

Time with Granny and Boboy

St. Lucia
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While in St. Lucia (we were there for the weekend) we took a drive through a small game reserve to Cape Vidal. Joe and I walked along the beach and dipped our feet into the Indian Ocean. It was chilly! On the way back to the resort, we stopped at a hippo viewing site and saw a bunch of hippos hanging out in the water. St. Lucia is known for hippo and crocodile viewing, so we were pleased to see both while we were there.

View photos of Hibberdene.

From St. Lucia, we drove to Hibberdene, where my grandparents live. While we were with my grandparents, we took a few trips up and down the coast to small beach towns, but unfortunately plans to go camping with them were hindered by bad weather.

Oribi Gorge and Leopard Rock
View photos of Oribi Gorge and Leopard Rock.

On our last full day there, we took a drive up (or was it down?) to Oribi Gorge and Leopard Rock. Oribi Gorge is home to the world's largest swing (fancy word for modified bungee jump) which Joe really wanted to try. So, after lunch, we drove up to the jump site and watched as Joe got harnessed up and jumped into the gorge. He had a great time jumping and I was nervously happy for him.

The next day we left South Africa and began our long 17 hour flight home. We were sad that our vacation was ending but glad to be going home to see our dog, who had been staying with Richard and Joanna while we were gone.

We came home to cold weather, red and orange leaves on trees, a green backyard (the grass seed Joe planted a few weeks before we left had bloomed while we were gone) and two houses practically in our backyard (the lot directly behind our house is still empty, though not for long I'm sure).

All in all, a fabulous vacation, one that I will remember for a very long time. I am glad Joe had a chance to see where I'm from, to put faces to names (of people, of places) and to experience a few of the things the country has to offer.

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