Thursday, April 19, 2007

Sightings around the lake

Each morning I walk Indi around the lake, and each morning I get to see some nifty birds. These pictures were NOT taken by me (I'm not sure I could handle both the camera and the dog - who likes to chase squirrels), but these will give you a nice (and probably better) idea of what I see each day.

1. American Goldfinches - there are many down here, and you can often see them flying around in small groups, usually consisting of many females being chased by a bright male.

2. Killdeer - I think that's what we have around here. Apparently they're one of the wading birds that doesn't live near water but likes to hang out on golf courses and in cleared areas. We have lots of those around here (golf courses and cleared areas). We see these little guys on the two big fields in between the cafe and stores and the houses. They look like little masked bandits.

3. Red-headed woodpecker - I hear one every morning as a round the lake; there's a section where there are many stumps still standing in the water and there are many birds that have taken up residence in the holes leftover from woodpeckers. I can't tell if the woodpecker I see each day is building a new hole or is trying to attract a female with his current abode.

4. New spotting! Green heron - Again, I think that's what I saw. Indi and I startled something and it flew across the lake and settled in a tree. We walked back quickly to get a closer look and as it flew away the second time, I got a better look at it. I think it was a green heron; we have great blue herons and this one was definitely not one of those.

Other birds seen but not illustrated: bluebirds, mockingbirds, red-bellied woodpeckers, assorted sparrows, swallows, cardinals... all the usual suspects.

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