Monday, October 06, 2008


Without a computer of my own, being able to download and correct photos and then upload them and the stories to the blog has been very difficult.

So, with Joe out of town for the night, I'm staying up extra late to get some pictures up.

These are some from the past few weeks.

Ava can spend hours taking her books from her bin
and paging through them.

Our happy baby.

A sneak peek at the Hula Monkey halloween costume.
For a refresher on Hula Monkey...

Pulling a goofy face. Along with the goofy faces, come goofy noises. Today she spent the better part of her awake time practicing what can only be described as a fake laugh.

She loves pulling out all the clean bibs
and found this sock amongst the stash.

1 comment:

nikole said...

I loooove her big smile.

So funny to look back at when her hair was just growing in compared to now.