Friday, October 24, 2008

Past few days

This will be a quick entry with fast photos - taken from Joe's iPhone and emailed; much quicker than using the big camera, downloading, cropping, fixing etc.

On Tuesday we did something we'd never done before: we voted early. I'd never heard of such a thing until we received a political phone call and the lady asked if we knew about it. Seems more than 30 states allow early voting, but Virginia is not one of them. I thought it might be a scam - ie. my very important vote ends up in the big abyss of "early" votes. But apparently it is real! So, we voted. I was number 788 at our polling station. Now the big question: what shall I do with my time on November 4th while everyone else is standing in line?

Taken after voting while we were walking through the grocery store. Note the hat that actually stayed on!

Earlier in the day, we went to Lilah's house for a playdate and met a twin. Another little girl new to the group was born on the same day as Ava (but at a different hospital). After the other kiddies left, Lilah and Ava hung out for a little while, while Gillian and I chatted. Apparently Gillian believes that whenever the babies hang out, Lilah goes home and partakes in some less-than-desirable activity (you know, crawling, pulling up, etc.) So, now I need to figure out a way to spend more time with older babies so that Ava can learn more undesirable tricks to teach to Lilah!

Little buddies playing

On Wednesday we went to Wal-Mart for fun. Yeehaw! Yes, I live more in the country than I used to and no, I do not enjoy trips to Wal-Mart, but when the 5pm witching hour hits, beggars can't be choosers! So at 5pm, I packed up the baby and headed to Wal-Mart to help the economy a little.

On Thursday morning we headed to Durham to visit the folks at the Infant Cognition lab at Duke University. Ava went there when she was 6 months old and will hopefully go again in the next 6 months. After her 10 minute session, staring at various television screens that showed different dots and cartoon characters (all in the name of science), she received her second diploma. The kid is now officially more educated than both mommy and daddy. We figured the first trip earned her a baby bachelors, this trip the baby masters and if she goes for the third time, we'll have to start calling her Doctor!

Baby scientist!

One day she'll learn the value of a diploma!

Waiting for lunch at Macaroni Grill where she had a great time shredding the paper tablecloth and wanted to eat the crayons!

This morning was our weekly trip to Little Gym for some physical exercise and fun, followed by our post-LG visit to the coffee shop where we snacked and chatted with our new friends.

This weekend is stacking up to be busy, with a baby shower on Saturday and (weather permitting) a trip to the pumpkin patch on Sunday!

And then it'll be Monday and time to do it all over again!

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nikole said...

Wow - you were busy! Sounds like a lovely week. I love the photos, even if they weren't your usual edited ones. I need to figure out if I can vote early! And I need some baby play dates!