Sunday, December 21, 2008

From the iPhone: out and about and at home

Had a busy weekend around the house and out and about. To prepare for a household of people this weekend, we spent some time cleaning the house and making room. The pantry is organized, the bonus room is ready for Karen and Pern (well, more ready than it was yesterday morning), the first floor is a little less cluttered.

After Ava refused to nap in the afternoon, we decided to all head to Michaels and Target for a few things. Had some hot apple cider at Starbucks (my only of the season - it's yummy but sooo sweet) and picked up things to make name cards for the table. Came home, ate dinner, put the babe to bed and then watched "Run Fat Boy, Run" - pretty funny!

Sunday was much the same but with a little less cleaning involved. We decided to go out to lunch today as it was the first day since all having the plague that we felt we wanted to pay to eat out and would actually enjoy it. Off to Mimi's Cafe and then to the grocery store and back to Michaels for a tin for cookies. They had none. Drove around for a while and were very quiet as Ava fell fast asleep in the car before we even got to the store. Guess that'll teach her to refuse a nap in the morning. Or maybe not!

We're only hoping for a full night's sleep tonight. We get most of that each night but for the past week or so, 5:30 has been deemed the new 7am... but is greeted with screaming. It's almost like a baby night terror (although those aren't supposed to start until around age 3), but whatever it is, listening to a grumbly baby at 5:30 - 7 is no fun. Unfortunately it's not a bad habit that we can stop. We just go to bed hoping...

Waiting for lunch at Mimi's

Sleeping baby

A very bad hair day

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nikole said...

I hope she is sleeping later soon and not waking screaming. Glad you all are feeling better.

I wish I still looked that cute on a bad hair day! :-)