Monday, December 08, 2008

A sweet keepsake

While browsing on last week, I found a vendor with goods for sale that were just beautiful. Simple, elegant and earthy. I knew I had to get something from her. I decided on a thin bracelet made from wood, personalized with text of my choosing. Her examples were inspirational (things like: "You are loved" and "Change the world") but I settled on something a little more personal for me - and hopefully one day for Ava as well.

"But how loud is a lion?"

Her first word, aside from Dada and Mama (and the other assorted sounds babies make first) was "lion" - ok, so she doesn't quite have the "l" or the "n" sound down but when we ask her to say lion, she says it. The quote comes from one of her favorite books: How Loud is a Lion by Clare Beaton. When we ask her to find the lion, she makes a beeline to her book bin and promptly pulls it out. We're still working on the "ROARRRRR!" sound but for now the "IO" sound she proudly makes will keep making us smile!

Happy 1st Birthday, my sweet girl!

See more from Paloma's Nest. The bracelet came nestled in a little nest, wrapped up in a little box with a fabric 'thank you' tag and a bow. Beautiful!

Read more How Loud is a Lion and the Books for Africa project.


Karen said...

I just realized the pictures were of your bracelet and not images pulled from the internet! They look exactly like the pictures from her site. I like the bracelet... simple, elegant, and sentimental. Three good things.

nikole said...

I lovelovelovelove that shop. What a beautiful gift. And I agree with Karen - such fabulous photos.