Friday, May 08, 2009

Baby part 2

Looks like we're going to be doing it all over again! Baby #2 is due December 14th, mere days after Ava's second birthday. Maybe we're nuts but at least December won't be dull! And at least we'll have a toddler who'll be interested in the Christmas tree and lights and won't bother with a new baby so much. I may just leave up the decorations long term if they do the trick!

We're excited for Ava to have a little sibling to play with - she loves pointing out babies in books and magazines and greeting cards at the store. Guess she's just practicing!

So far the pregnancy is much the same as the first time around. Just some mild yuckness for a week or so, not enough to stop me from eating, just left me feeling blah for a few days. If I can have half the pregnancy I had last time, I'll have the perfect pregnancy (this means no PUPPS, no lyme disease scare, no exposure to miscarriage-causing viruses). Not too much to ask for!

Should be an interesting baby end of year - my sister is due the end of October, a good friend in VA is due the end of November and our behind-us neighbors are having a baby mid-November. At least I won't be alone this time around. Lots of pregnancy buddies!

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BrooklandJess said...

Many congrats! And it's kinda cool they will both be near Xmas. My hubby is a Dec 18 baby and it's always been tough... but if they BOTH share it, then it's not like one got the short end of the stick. You will surely come up with some spectacular family tradition and it'll be jsut that much more special.