Thursday, May 07, 2009

Caught wet-handed!

Ava was pretending to scoop Indi's food into the bowl (by picking up the food bin and placing it into the bowl). So, I opened it up and let her practice scooping while I made dinner. Luckily she's past the age of putting everything into her mouth. After a while, I looked down to see she was sorting the kibble: some in the food bowl, others in the water bowl.


Casey, Gillian, & Lilah said...

Too funny...I just pulled dog food out of Lilah's mouth last night. She apparently can unlatch the container! The poor dogs end up thirsty half the time because we have to take the water up because she splashes in it too!

Dale said...

Ava's mostly good about splashing in the water - we've had some water-focused time-outs in the past, but lately she's been good. I guess this is what happens when you encourage play with dog food? Oh, the grossest thing she does with the water is then put her hands in her mouth and slurp. Ick!