Thursday, June 14, 2007

Meet the kitty

This morning, while nearing our house on our morning walk, Indi and I spotted a teeny tiny kitten running out from beneath a dumpster. It didn't have much fight in it, as it ran away and then promptly huddled on a driveway. I took Indi home, then got Joe and the two of us drove over with a box for the kitten. Again, not much fight.

After a trip to the vet's office, the kitten is now home with us while I try to nurse it back to health. She's about 5 weeks old, has some parasites (and deworming medication to go with those!), has a low blood count so is cold and just not in the greatest of health, but tested negative for the fatal cat diseases, which would have meant euthanasia.

After some warm rest atop a hot water bottle, all snuggled in little towels, two cans of baby food and some sleep, the little kitten is look much better. She's still skin and bones, but hopefully in a few days she'll start looking a little fuller. At the moment she is going to a coworker of one of our friends, but not until she passes her next vet's appointment next week and appears to be on the mend.

For now, Indi is getting some good practice at how it might be when the real baby arrives... although right now I think she's way more curious about the little ball of fur in the box than jealous of it!

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