Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Sick kitty

Kitty was supposed to go home this evening, but after a trip to the vet left her with a low-grade fever, she'll be staying with us for two more nights. She had her recheck appointment this morning and received the first of a series of regular cat vaccinations. She reacted to it and slept all afternoon - not like her at all. So I took her back to the vet where they checked her temperature and found she was running a fever. They have her some fluids and sent her home to recoup. I'll take her back tomorrow morning to make sure she's better and on Friday she'll head to her new home.

She's been asleep on the couch like this for 2 hours now. She finally started purring though, so that's a good sign! I knew she really wasn't feeling well when she slept on my lap all the way to and from the vet's office today. Poor kitty.

Indi is sulking because she got in trouble for poking her head into the kitty's crate and slurping up some of the baby food we've been feeding her. Bad Indi.

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