Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Watch out for Indi's paw!

On our walk around the lake this morning, I spotted a rather large, hairy black spider walking towards us. Indi was apparently oblivious as she stepped right on it! The spider wobbled a bit, leaving behind some "spider juice" before he moved along on his way. This spider was big - I'd say larger than a silver dollar in total size (including the legs). A quick search online told me it was a trapdoor spider and is in fact related to the tarantula.

From the North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service: Trap door spiders live in a small tunnel in the ground covered by a silken trap door. There they wait until prey passes by. At that time they spring from their hidding place and drag the prey down into the tunnel. They are closely related to tarantulas and may live for several years.

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