Sunday, July 27, 2008

Crossing the great divide

We have discovered hard wood floors. Next up, the entire kitchen. Good thing the toys and Indi (both of which mostly reside on the carpet) are nice distractions to cross-room trips (at the moment, anyway).


simzgirl said...

Yikes! Mobile already? So does she army crawl with her arms only or use her feet at all? Ana had no interest in that at 7 months. And when she finally did start crawling it was backwards! She did not like that and therefore only crawled as a means to get to something to pull herself up to standing....but you have months til you need to worry about that! ;)

Dale said...

Not so much army crawling (except when she tries to reach something - she stretches her arm and her opposite leg and somehow manages to move). For the most part, her mobility is limited to the "roly-poly" - she rolls over and and over. There ain't no stopping this little one!