Friday, July 18, 2008


I've never been one to worry about Ava while she sleeps or check on her during the night, but lately I've been peeking in on her before we go to sleep. The reason: to see the little bum in the air. It's the most darling thing when a baby curls up on their belly and pushes their cute little bum into the air.

Sadly, there will likely be no photographs of that as the flash would most definitely startle a sleeping baby, but the next best thing happens in the morning: wake-up peek-a-boo!


simzgirl said...

Ha ha! Ana sleeps "butt up" too. I found the best time to get a picture is during nap time so a flash isn't necessary. :)

Joe Rinehart said...

This pic just made my day :)

BrooklandJess said...

Good days to get greetings like that. Thanks for the recipe - I think it's a good one since 1) it's not all about eggplants and 2) it's got meat! Yum! (says the former vegetarian)

Ava's a true cutie! It's a nice reminder of how adorable (and difficult!) infants are. I'm loving the 2's - they are not terrible at all! But as we expect #2, I'm sort of dreading the return to sleeplessness.