Tuesday, September 18, 2007

3D and 4D shots of our baby!

Just got home from our 3D/4D ultrasound appointment and have some neat shots - and video - to share!

Our baby was sitting in the breech position with her feet up to her face. In these shots you can see her face, her feet and her hands all together! She still has some time to flip around into the proper birthing position but for now, the breech position makes for some fun photos!

The best was getting her to kick on cue. She had been moving while we were in the waiting room but settled down when it came time for the ultrasound. So towards the end, I tapped my belly and she kicked back. My belly popped up, so I tapped again and the second time we got to see her foot kick on the screen!

Note: Some of the shots look like she has her eyes open or just a little weird; that's just the nature of the ultrasound. She had her eyes closed the entire visit, but graced us with a lovely yawn and a tongue poking out at one point also!

Little smile

Big yawn

Feet and hands

Peaceful baby

More peaceful baby

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