Monday, September 10, 2007


Christmas has arrived early for me . . . and Santa brought just what I asked for: a new yard! No more weeds, no more red clay (at least not visible to the naked eye), no more mud. (Did I mention the weeds? We are now free of crabgrass!)

(One from the archives - the before picture)

The landscape guys arrived on Friday afternoon and started stripping the yard of all growth.

Then on Saturday, they continued by filling the one-day-to-be-filled beds with top soil, landscape fabric and mulch and adding a layer of top soil to the rest of the yard.

Monday they arrived with a giant truck-load of sod!

We now have a beautiful yard (just picture some shrubs, flowers and trees) where Indi can roam and sniff and lay in her sunbeams without laying on rocks and clay.

Yay for insta-yard!

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