Sunday, October 07, 2007

Spooky spider

Last night Joe and I went to a party. When we came home, we saw a little toad in the driveway. Rather than risk squishing him, I jumped out of the car to chase him into the yard. Unfortunately - or fortunately - he decided he'd rather explore the garage. I found him right next to the wall, sitting amongst some stuff, right next to a large spider web which held a large black widow spider killing another spider.

Tomorrow we'll be calling the exterminator.

I can handle orb spiders or wolf spiders or general house spiders - well, I can tolerate them, I don't handle them - but I draw the line at black widows. There's something about their shiny black bodies and long legs and the way they walk that makes them absolutely icky and creepy.

Until we moved to NC, I had never even seen one. Since we moved, we bbq'd one on our grill, I killed one in the front garden with weed killer (I couldn't find the bug killer), Joe came face-to-face with one under the house, and the one last night met her (um)timely death at the hand of a ziploc bag box. Four black widows on my house.

First all the ticks and tick bites. Now the poisonous spiders.


PS. No, I did not take the picture. We weren't about to run in and grab the camera when there was spidercide to be done.

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