Monday, October 15, 2007

NC State Fair

No, this is not a random blog entry about my least favorite Rogers and Hammerstein musical. This past week marked the start of the North Carolina State Fair and yesterday afternoon Joe and I joined our friend Kim and Mike to be four of the predicted 750,000 people to partake in the fair. This was my first state fair and I had a great time!

Here are some of the highlights:

** Food consumed: 4 polish sausages, 2 orders of large french fries, 1 kosher pickle, 1 sour pickle, 4 samples of seasoned peanuts (chocolate covered, bbq, sun-dried tomato and honey roasted), 1 caramel apple, 1 corn dog, 2 ears of roasted corn, 2 hot apple ciders, 3 homemade ice-creams, 1 chocolate dipped ice-cream cone, 1 hot pretzel with mustard, and many handfuls of kettle corn. Oh, the yumminess! Note: all of the above food was not consumed by one person alone. Remember, there were four of us there!

** Animals seen: lots of cows, donkeys, goats, pigs, sheep, turkey. Amongst the judged agriculture was the best in show - a black cow that was purchased by Harris Teeter for $25,000!

** An OREO COW - I finally saw one up-close. And sadly, they are not called Oreo cows, but Belted Galloway cows. And they're used for beef. After seeing all the cute cows, I'm not sure I can eat a burger for a while. Or spaghetti for that matter. Sigh.

** Flower and garden show: mini landscapes set up and judged; lots of chrysanthemums.

** NC of years gone by: watched a blacksmith at work and saw how farmers used to dry tobacco leaves.

** Did I mention the food? Saw lots of signs for vendors serving fried things: deep-fried oreos, deep-friend twinkies, deep-fried coca cola (?!). Luckily for our intestinal tracts, we all managed to avoid those vendors.

Things to try at the next state fair: funnel cake. Sadly, by the time all of the aforementioned food was consumed, Joe no longer had room for a funnel cake. Maybe next time.

Note: The food you see in front of Kim and I is actually the order for the four of us - Joe was taking the picture and Mike was off getting silverware.

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