Saturday, October 27, 2007

Baby shower!

Today was my baby shower! My friends Michelle, Kim and Katie hosted it across street from me at Michelle's house. My mom, her friend Yvonne, my best friend Christie (with her 11 month old daughter Agatha) came to stay for the weekend and Joe's mom and her best friend Brenda drove in for the day. We had a wonderful weekend and a great time at the shower.

Here are some shots of the day. I hope to add another photo (taken on Kim's camera) that shows the three hosts and me.

On the invitation, there was a little rhyme: A baby is predicted, but first there will be a shower. There were lots of rubber duckies, an umbrella and a very clever flower centerpiece: flowers placed inside yellow rain boots!

On the invitation, also, were polka dots. The cake had polka dots and I was lucky enough to find a dress with polka dots!

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