Sunday, December 23, 2007

Auntie K and Uncle Pern visit

After a few days flying solo with Ava, my sister and her hubby came for a visit. We had a really nice visit with them and did lots of fun things (well, as much fun as can be had while being housebound with a newborn).

Karen and I managed to hit the mall for a little while on Thursday morning (while Joe and Pern stayed home with the baby), followed by a quick stop for 'to-go' lunch at Panera.

Joe and Pern joined our friend Mike for Intoxicated Shopping at the mall (a guys' night out where the boys drink and shop - apparently from Kim's experience, the more Mike drinks, the better her gifts...) and then returned home with Cheesecake Factory cheesecake for a belated dessert.

Friday afternoon, after a midday feeding, we loaded Ava into the car and went out for our very first lunch out! She got to meet all our friends at the Flipside and they were very happy to meet her. Since Joe and I go to the Flipside once a week (and Joe frequents the adjoining Coffee Mill at least 2 times a week) they had seen me from pre-pregnancy all the way to "due any day" so it was fun to take the little baby to see everyone!

On Friday night we posed for some family portraits and then had a yummy dinner from Michelle. Afterwards, we had an early Christmas and exchanged gifts. I also baked some chocolate crinkles which are really fudgy and tasty!

They left on Saturday after lunch, leaving us to our own devices for the remainder of the weekend. Round 2 of visitors begins tomorrow when Joe's parents arrive in the afternoon, followed by round 3 on Thursday when the 'changing of the parents' commences when my parents (and grandparents) arrive for a third Christmas.

Indi is sad today because it's raining so that means we can't walk around the lake . . . which we did yesterday for the first time since the day before Ava was born! Felt so good to do normal things! Since I walked through my entire pregnancy, sitting around the house makes me a little stir crazy! Was nice to get some exercise and some fresh air!

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simzgirl said...

I love her facial expression in the picture where you are holding her head in your hands! So cute.

Oh and the puppy kisses! So sweet!