Friday, December 07, 2007

D-day update

No baby.

No twinges.

No nothing.

So I've been keeping myself busy designing birth announcements that will hopefully turn out nicely when printed. I'm being hopeful - in the dummy text I put date of birth as December 7th. Of course, I've been using 2:30pm as the time of birth, so unless I suddenly go into the quickest first-time labor EVER, I should probably change the time on that!

Still no baby.


simzgirl said...

I am still holding out for Sunday. December 9th is a great birthday...just ask Ana! :)

Just walk, walk, walk and Miss Ava will come out when she is ready! :)

Simeon said...

Carrie nailed it! Woo Hoo.

Congratulations Joe and Dale and Ava! I am so happy for your new family life. Its wonderful and I am super excited for all the wonderful experiences you have in store for you now. And my Ana and your Ava get to share a birthday. How exciting!

So congratulations again!

phill.nacelli said...

Congrats Rinehart Family!

Best wishes to the new Mom and Dad and specially to little Baby Ava. May you have all the happiness, health and fortunes this world has to offer as you greet the newest member of your family!

Phill & Amy Nacelli

Dan Wilson said...


“Birth is the sudden opening of a window, through which you look out upon a stupendous prospect. For what has happened? A miracle. You have exchanged nothing for the possibility of everything.”

- William MacNeile Dixon

Peter Bell said...

Congratulations Joe and Dale, and welcome Ava!

Tom said...

Congratulations Joe and family!!

Lola said...


Dave Carabetta said...

Congratulations Dale and Joe! Best of luck with everything...and enjoy the sleepless nights! ;)

Jillian Koskie said...

That's fantastic news --wishing your family all of the best!

Roy Martin said...

I think I missed the date by 3 days. You still win though, Congratulations!