Friday, December 07, 2007


Well, I made it. According to all the little calendars the doctors have to predict (ha!) delivery, today is D-day - good thing the little ticker on the right side of this page agrees - 0 days to go!

Let's see. What's going on?

Two days in a row I'm up at 2, tossing and turning.

No baby.

LOTS of discomfort when walking (can't tell if it's ligaments, muscle or bone) and last night had several crazy leg spasms. Those are fun when trying to maneuver the stairs.

No baby.

Have tried all forms of "natural induction" (ie. eggplant, herbal tea, leg pressure point massage, hand pressure point massage, positive thinking, walking, s.e.x).

No baby.

Did I mention the eggplant? (I really hate the stuff but suffered through two different meals - no one can say I'm not a team player!)

No baby.

So what's next? Next appointment with doctor is on Monday morning (hopefully we'll have to cancel for having to rush to the hospital this weekend to deliver!) where she'll do another exam (and better tell me that I'm more progressed than I was last week!) and then schedule an induction for the end of the week. Not the way I hope to bring Ava into the world (I know labor and delivery can be painful, but the thought of increased pain and increased intensity of induced labor and the increased chances of screaming for an epidural were things I was hoping to avoid). I keep telling her that she needs to get here soon to avoid unpleasantries for the both of us. Unfortunately, given the track record (her refusing to budge on her own and the planned version), I think there's some breakdown of communication between me and the unborn babe.


Oh. Still no baby.

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