Monday, February 04, 2008

Another first

A THREE hour nap in her own bed! Ava has been sleeping in the pack-n-play in our room since she arrived home. Ava has not been a very good napper. She's started sleeping really well at night (usually from 7-8pm until 2-3am) but during the day she's a little monkey. Will not nap and if she does, it's for maybe 20 minutes if you're lucky. I decided to start transitioning her from our room to hers by putting her down for naps in her room and then moving her during the night after a few days. Today was the first day for a nap in her room and she's still sleeping! When she was a newborn, we used to wake her for feedings; now I say "let sleeping babies lie" - I've gotten so much done this morning. It feels wonderful!

Another note on having baby sleeping in our bedroom - boy is she noisy when she's going to sleep (sometimes, she'll be mostly asleep when I put her in bed, but often she's fighting sleep or working on some gas or poop). She grunts and snorts and squirms. It's a wonder anyone of us gets any sleep at night! The good thing with having her in her own room and having the monitor nearby: the monitor has volume control!


Chris Sia (e0n) said...

That is awesome!!!! What is it about babies and not napping? Must be something in the water. :-P

Vu said...

hey joe and dale! congrats on having little Ava... So, you're not in Virginia anymore? I thought I read that you were back on your bike, Joe...that's cool. cheers-vu

simzgirl said...

Ha ha ha. I know what you mean. Ana has always slept in her crib in her room, which is right across the hall, so we never used a monitor. It wasn't until we were all in a hotel room (in very close proximity!) that I realized how LOUD she was and was so thankful I didn't have to listen to that every night. Yikes!