Sunday, February 10, 2008

One last donut

On February 4th my family lost a very special person. My grandfather passed away suddenly early Monday evening after suffering from a heart attack. When I was little and learning to talk, I named him Boboy - not sure where the word came from, but it stuck and so now I say goodbye to Boboy with a fun story.

On Friday afternoon, my sister and her husband, Joe and I went to the funeral home to pick up Boboy's ashes. When we got to the funeral home, we discovered a typo on the death certificate (!) and had to wait while the typo was fixed at the courthouse (which luckily was just around the corner). While we waited, I suggested we all go to Dunkin' Donuts and get a donut each - Boboy loved donuts! I thought it would be a fitting way to celebrate his life while waiting for the new paperwork. So, off to get our donuts and back to the funeral home's parking lot. We started unloading the donuts - one plain glazed for me, one for my sister, a peanut donut for Joe and Boston creme for Pern. After we all had our donuts, we realized there was one donut sitting at the bottom of the bag - none of us had ordered a second donut, so it was very obviously Boboy's last donut.

Here are some pictures of Boboy as we will remember him.

Holding his great-granddaughter hours after her birth

Sitting proudly in his new VW van

Being goofy on Christmas morning, playing more with the packaging than the present - none of us are really sure what he's got here!

Having fun at our wedding almost 3 years ago

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simzgirl said...

Oh Dale I am so sorry. But it looked like he lived a very long and happy life. So glad he got to meet Ava, too!