Monday, February 25, 2008

Good night (after some lousy ones)

Had a *really* good night last night - for the past week, we've been in VA visiting my family and Ava's sleep has been thrown off a bit. Each night was different (some nights she was up for 2 hours at a time; others she was waking up every 1.5 hours - frustrating because she was on a good roll at home before we left). So, we got home and decided to jump into the shift to her own bedroom (she's been in the pack-n-play in our room). We figured now was as good a time as any as she was already thrown off her normal sleep, so let's start "normal" sleep in her own room.

It worked! Following Saturday night (waking every 1.5 hours) she went to bed at 8:15 and didn't stir until 3am! Woohoo! Then she nursed very well and went back to sleep right away. Not even a peep!

This week we're working diligently on getting the nap situation under control. Right now she's snoozing in the living room so that's 1 of 3 naps I can check off the list! Whew! Problem is she'll take a good nap in the middle of the day but refuses to nap in the afternoon. May end up having to impose "quiet time" at 4pm.... that gets Ava some good resting time in the late afternoon and gets me some Oprah time. Ava can learn to love Oprah like I do - nothing wrong with that!


simzgirl said...

Yeah, travel and sickness are the two things that really throw the ol' sleep cycle for a loop. Good thing you took advantage of that chaos to make things better when you did finally get home. Wishing you all lots and lots of sleep! :)

Cate Sia said...

He he, I know all about sickness throwing off the sleep cycle now. It should be real fun getting back to normal again.