Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Four months!

And I finally slept through the night! Seems my brain has become temporarily hard-wired to wake up, so while Ava has been sleeping through the night (for the most part) for about a month, I still wake up at some point in the night; sometimes it seems I wake up only to check the time. Sigh. But last night . . . my brain is realizing that a) Ava is fine and b) sleep is good!

Four month doctor visit tomorrow. Not looking forward to the shrieking after vaccines. Interested to see how much she weights. My chiropractor guessed 18 but I am not sure she's quite that heavy just yet. My hips would guess 25 but that's just because they're still in a state of shock after carrying the weight around for 9 months! She's definitely getting longer as some of the 3 month clothes are starting to be a bit small. Need to pull out some larger clothes soon or naked baby will be an all day occurrence!

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