Sunday, April 20, 2008

Lazy Sunday

Had a great weekend - went to dinner on Friday night with Michelle and Jason and the kiddies. Ava experienced her first Hibachi grill and didn't seem at all bothered by the large flames or hot grill. She did really well - she stayed awake the whole time and all the way home and made it through 'tubby time' and only got to bed at 9pm - not a single tear. Of course, she woke up at 6am, bright and early. Still hasn't mastered the art of sleeping in...

Saturday we went to lunch at Mimi's Cafe (yummy muffins!) and then hit Lowes to get some household stuff and some plants (added two plants to the living room and repotted two plants in the entrance hall). Last night Joe and I started watching "Dexter" (a Showtime show that is now on CBS - I got the season on Netflix).

Sunday we woke up bright and early at 6am . . . again. Ava went down for her nap at 9 - funny to think that many people might just be waking up and she's already going down for her nap. Finished watching the discs of "Dexter" that we have. The rest of the day was spent puttering around the house, doing some yard work, just things that needed to be done. All in all, a good day.

Along the way I found a new guilty pleasure. I got sucked into a marathon of America's Next Top Model. I love it! Everyone needs a guilty pleasure, right?

Update on the food: Um, yeah. No food this week. Ava LOVED eating cereal the first time; the last few tries were VERY unsuccessful. I had to try making it with formula as the frozen b. milk had reached its expiration date (we had to ditch all that milk - so sad, considering all the hours spent hooked up to the silly machine). Ava pulled a face that was unlike any we've seen before: made you seriously wonder just how foul tasting rice cereal could be. We both tasted it; it's not great, but not awful, but boy does someone in the house not like it! I think we'll attempt more cereal this week - but this time with some fresh b. milk. Best haul out the old pump again. Sigh.

Sunday morning lounging in the living room.

The newest trick: "I have feet!"

On our way to lunch.

One day Indi will sit close enough to Ava to get
both Indi's ears and Ava's body in the shot.


Cate Sia said...

What a nice sounding weekend. And don't you ladies look so comfy in the living room!

simzgirl said...

Ohhh I love ANTM! I watched all the seasons on TiVo during Ana's first few months, since I spend so much time with her nursing and/or sleeping on me. Fun times.

Ana was really picky about the thickness of her rice cereal. I had to play around with it quite a bit before discovering the magical consistency. So just give Ava some time and she will come around!