Monday, April 28, 2008

The new look

Was looking at Karen's blog last night and saw that she had a fancy new header. I asked her, "What up?" and she said, "". Ok, so the conversation was a little more polite than that, but I figure I'd get to the meat of it.

So I moseyed on over to and created my own little header. Unfortunately, the blog template I like has me working with the dark blue/green border when I create my own header . . . so I could either dive into the HTML (*shivers*) or deal with it (yes!). For now I like this new header, created with scrapbook elements from scrapblog. I might feel like designing one from scratch; I might not. For now, I had fun being creative while Ava napped.

And now naptime is over.


Karen said...

Hey, cool header! I actually almost picked the same background!

Rebecca said...

I love your new header! Thanks for using

All my best!
Scrapblog community manager