Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Notes on video

Ok, so we bought a nice little video camera before the big day with the hopes of taking lots of video so that family and friends could watch Ava. So far, we've videotaped quite a bit and shared none. Finally got around to downloading all the video and since it's a lengthy process, I managed to upload one!


Disclaimer: Dale cannot be held accountable for any lasting damage done as a result of watching videos that contain a) bad hair, b) bad voices or c) a combination of the two.

Note to self: Grow out hair; short hairstyles, such as mine, are much more attractive when straight; curly is just unruly (hence the dorky ponytail).

Note to Karen: Remember that audio tape we found a couple of years after we moved here where we sounded so silly reading those stories? Well, this is just as bad! Good thing I never planned a career in broadcast journalism!

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