Saturday, January 03, 2009

Saturday in a quiet house

For the first the first time in a week I can say I haven't been home much today - and not because I was in a hospital bed. This morning we started the steroid treatment early as I had to make a 10am massage appointment. The drip takes 2 hours, so I was hooked up by 7:40 and managed to finish watching The Dark Knight.

After that, Joe drove me up the street to my new massage therapist. I was referred to her by both my chiropractor and the teacher at the Little Gym. She lives in our neighborhood - couldn't be more perfect or convenient. Of course, we hoped she was good and I am so happy to report that she was amazing. She doesn't usually see clients on Saturdays but when Joe called her on Thursday and explained my situation, she gladly opened her home to me. She also gave me the name of a new doctor to try in Clayton (an actual practitioner, not a doctor in a mega-practice) and an acupuncturist, both of whom we're going to check out. All in all a great experience.

I just got home from a trip with my mom and Joe to the coffee shop for a little "normal" and then a stroll through a furniture store to look for a new sitting chair and ottoman for my new space. We're converting the "nursery room" area off our bedroom into Dale-space. A place where I can be quiet and think; a place away from baby and toys (hopefully to be used during nap time); a place to read; a place to write; a place to heal.

When I returned home and checked my email, I found a beautiful note from a new friend - my massage therapist. What a great day.

It was a pleasure meeting you. I hope that this process... journey... you find yourself embarking on, goes as smoothly as possible. You seem to have plenty of loving support around you - which is infinitely important. I would like you to add me to your support system. I meant it when I said to call me if/when you have the need to. Late evenings/emergency.... it's really okay. My children are in bed 8 - 8:30, and I can work after that without any trouble. Please don't hesitate.

Nice to know that people care - even when you don't know them. Thank you to all of you who I know care and who have showed me just how much you care. Your support and kind words and good thoughts have helped me move away from "woe is me" so much more quicker than I thought possible. I know there are still many more tears laying in wait, but more than not, I'm filled with a feeling of ease, knowing that I have so many people to lean on and call on and cry on if I need to. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.


simzgirl said...

That is awesome. It is so important to surround yourself with helpful, supportive and positive people! Take care of yourself and know that you are in our thoughts!!

janhurd68 said...

Many people never know how many others their lives touch. Your mother-in-law and I have been friends through the Y for over a decade, so I have heard about you, Dale, and Ava many times. All of you have been in my prayers since Joanna wrote about you last week; you will continue to be in my prayers for as long as needed. I firmly believe that two things can change our situations--attitude and prayer. Your blog is a testimony to your wonderful attitude, and you are surrounded by many, many prayer warriors. That combination cannot be beat! Take good care of yourself and rest in His arms!
Jan Hurd

Debra said...

You are a strong and beautiful woman. Our hearts are with you.