Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A walking doctor's appointment

So far, the next two months are filling up quickly, so if you need me to step in for you at the doctor, I suggest you schedule something soon.

Here are the list of appointments:

Today: Meeting with my new counselor
Friday: Meeting with an allergist (I figure I may as well find out if there are any underlying allergies I have that I can control now to keep my immune system happy)
Next Wednesday: Acupuncturist in the AM; MS group meeting in the PM
The following Monday: Regular "female" doctor visit. Fun.
The following Monday: MS Specialist in Raleigh
Two days later: MS Specialist at UNC-Chapel Hill
A month later: MS Specialist at Duke

Whew. I definitely need an assistant. Good thing I'm not over the 40/50 mark or I'd had to squeeze in a mammogram and a colonoscopy!

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