Monday, March 10, 2008

From the past few weeks

I love my mobile bugs! They jingle when I hit them!

Me and mom - I can't quite sit upright, but mom props me up on the couch. Mom has also helped me sit in the bumbo - I'm not quite ready to sit on my own as my neck is not as strong as it needs to be, but it's fun to sit while mom supports my head so I can look around the room. Much more interesting than the ceiling fan. Don't get me wrong; I still love the ceiling fan, but it never talks back and just goes round and round and round.

Indi and I love when mom reads poems to us. She reads them really loudly and with lots of emotion and I try and read along with her.
Mostly I just make a lot of noise! Indi really is happy,
even though she looks grumpy.

Here I am smiling at the poem about Sarah Sylvia Cynthia Stout
who would not take the garbage out. I love this poem and the one about Hector the Collector - he collects lots of stuff that people call junk but he loves his treasure. My favorite now is all about spaghetti and about how the guests misheard the host of the party who told them to throw confetti - they all threw spaghetti! I laugh and laugh at this one (well, I sort of laugh; I'm sure when I can actually giggle, I'll giggle at this one! For now I'll just smile a lot!)

I've learned that my hands are pretty useful - I now suck on them a lot and when I'm not sucking on them and making lots of drool, I practice using them to hold things! Mom hopes that this will result in me being happier in the car when I can actually hold my toys instead
of just looking at them!

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simzgirl said...

Oh I love Shel Silverstein! I can't wait 'til I can read his books with Ana. Right now she is better suited for board books because she insists on turning the pages herself. In due time, I guess.