Monday, March 10, 2008

Three months old!

Ava turned celebrated her 3 month birthday in style! Following a morning nap (! yes, a nap!), we drove to Target where she fell asleep on our way out (! yes, asleep!). We decided to grab some lunch, so we dined at the ever popular (but not recently visited) Five Guys and enjoyed some yummy burgers. Ava slept through all this and all the way home (! a second nap of the day!). Then after some lunch for her, she and I visited our neighbor Katie for a little while (hence the hat - it was very windy here this weekend) and then came home and took another (dare I say it?) nap! THREE naps - woohoo! Those who have heard me lamenting about the nap situation (or lack thereof) will appreciate how exciting this is for me!

THEN.... we enjoyed another 10-hour night (that's four in a row). Granted, Ava hasn't slept the ENTIRE time (she wakes up, fusses and then goes back to sleep on her own), so that means I have not slept the entire time (I wake up with the monitor when she fusses) but for the past four days, no middle-of-the-night nursing! Woohoo! I think when little baby realizes what she has done to herself (proven that she can sleep through the night without needing food) she might wish she had held on a little longer to the nighttime food, but for now, we're going on the assumption that she can sleep 10 hours without starving! Yay!

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simzgirl said...

Ha ha ha! Yes, she will not starve. But I am sure she is VERY hungry first thing in the morning. I have had to re-wean Ana at night a couple times. So don't let Ava talk to her about going that long without food. Ana still wakes up occasionally at night and says, "Mama. Boob!" So Simeon has to go in and tell her to go back to sleep. Silly girl.