Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sweet girl

As we move closer to four months, we are so happy to have mostly full nights of sleep! So far (and who's counting!?) I think we've had 4 nights with no actual wake-ups. Ava sometimes squeaks or cries out a bit, but then goes back to sleep. The last couple of nights, she's not made a peep until 5:30 or 6, which is when we were normally waking her up so that we could keep to a good nap schedule. Of course, on those nights when she made no peep, I still woke up for some strange reason. Woke up to realize that the bathroom light was left on; woke up thinking it was 6 (it was 1:30); was dreaming Ava was in bed with us so woke up to check to make sure she wasn't.


We've got the baby on a schedule now. Perhaps one day *I'll* learn to sleep through the night again!

Good news, though: I think we're nearing our first giggle!

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