Monday, March 31, 2008

Last few days

Been busy with house guests over the past two weeks. Had my sister and her hubby, my parents, some friends and this past weekend Joe's parents. Have had lots of fun with all the people but have also found time to catch up on other business. Lots of movies (thanks to Netflix; there's no trips to the movie theater in our future, I'm afraid), a new haircut (it's spring, so let's go with something new) and baking.

Caught up on the latest Hollywood movies - and so far we're batting 3 for 3 (I think that's the right phrase to say that out of three movies, we've liked three movies). Saw Into the Wild, No Country for Old Men and I am Legend.

ItW: Joe and I are almost done listening to the book on CD but can't decide whether we prefer the portrayal of the main character in the book or the movie. In the book, I didn't really feel sorry for him; in the movie, I was left hoping he'd find a way out of the Alaskan wild. I thought the movie was beautifully filmed and presented in a way that made you want to keep watching.

IaL: Makes you feel lonely - was good zombie-type movie (one of our favorite genres) and it didn't drag on (only 1.5 hours) with endless gory scenes and zombie chases. I read that Stephen King really liked the author of the book on which the movie was based and after watching the movie, I can definitely see where SK got his inspiration for "The Stand" - a plague/virus kills/turns humans into crazy zombies. Some are left immune for some unknown reason. There is a woman and a child who doesn't speak. There is a gathering of survivors some place. And now that I think more, there is a dog in both and someone who gives up his life for the greater good. I know my mom really likes The Stand, but I think I really liked I am Legend better.

NCfOM: Coen Brothers score again. It was bloody and violent but not overly such, at least in my opinion. The bad guy is awesome - with a goofy 80s hair cut. I really like the actor so it was nice to see him in a different role to what I've seen him in before.

I'm busy with Atonement - so far I'm enjoying it. I read the book about 5-6 years ago but don't remember all the details. One comment about the movie though: Kiera Knightly needs to eat a sandwhich. Yikes she's skinny!

New hair cut - After all the lovely pregnancy hormone leave your body, your skin looks yucky again and your hair starts to fall out. And I mean FALL OUT. According to one of the baby emails I get, regular folks lose up to 125 hairs a day. I'm nearing the 500 mark! And I hated it. I felt as though I was a dog losing its winter coat. I was leaving a hair trail wherever I went. Globs of hair everywhere. I've even come across globs of hair that got tangled up in towels and then made it through the washer/dryer cycle. So now I have clean, laundered globs of hair. ARGH! So I decided the only way to deal with it was to cut it off. Cute spring hairstyle. Of course, I'm still losing globs of hair, but this time they're shorter. I think I'm winning this one.

Done some yummy baking too. Made a black russian chocolate cake - vodka, kahlua, chocolate. 'Nuff said. Yesterday I made an orange cake - I'm on a quest to find a recipe similar to the cake we had at our wedding. I gave our cake lady a recipe I thought sounded yummy. I'd not made it before. She said, no problem. We got married and ate cake. Yummy cake. It was orange and tasted like orange. On our anniversary, I tried to make the recipe I gave her. It was NOT the cake we had at our wedding. So, my thoughts of being able to bake our wedding cake on our anniversary was foiled. So now I'm on a mission. I think I'm getting close. Next go-round will include some orange liqueur... YUM!

Project for this week: work on plan for shrubs for garden and call Jonathan about hiring his men to plant them for us. Oh, and to deliver the shrubs and mulch. I'm going to have a pretty backyard this summer! Woohoo!

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