Thursday, March 20, 2008

Rinehart B&B open for business!

The bed-n-breakfast is now officially open for the summer season and we've kicked off this year with two great visits!

Our friends Cate and Chris brought their son Devin for an overnight visit while en-route to Hot-lanta! Chris was speaking at a conference there and they decided to swing through our neck of the woods so that the babies could meet each other. The last time we saw them, Cate was about 3 weeks off from giving birth to Devin; I wasn't showing much at all. Now we both have little babies and it was fun seeing each other be mommies.

Before Cate and Chris arrived, we spent the last few days with Karen and Pern. Karen has spring break this week so they drove down on Sunday and left Wednesday around noon. We had a great time with them.

Highlights include:

* another family photo shoot - although I realized too late that there exists not one picture with Karen and Pern and Ava. We need to remedy that the next time we see them

* yummy chicken, spinach, cranberry and goat cheese wrap followed by too much sugar (purchased in the form of chocolate eclair, carrot cake, chocolate cake and some kind of cookie thing at one of two new bakeries in town)

* free lunch (I had a coupon for the aforementioned meal)

* free lunch (Karen found "the letter O" in her black beans while dining at the Cheesecake Factory - yes, the letter O. It was a sticker letter; the manager was highly embarrassed and paid for her meal. Did I mention she also had a gift card?)

* lots of Wii - Pern and Joe played Wii games while Karen and I hung out with Ava.

For reservations at the Rinehart B&B, please contact either of us, but note that this and the next weekend are booked with family. We'd love to have you stay with us!

Before they arrived, Joe and I watched the movie "Into the Wild" - we are almost done listening to the book on CD and knew how the movie/book/story ended (the guys dies - that's no secret). Both are amazing - I'm really enjoying the audio book and the movie was fantastic (I thought so, at least) - I strongly recommend it. Very beautifully and smartly filmed to hold your interest. Two thumbs up.

I also watched a movie produced by Ricki Lake called "The Business of Being Born" - about the healthcare / childbirth industry in the US. Makes me appreciate just how lucky I am to have had such a wonderful childbirth experience. My water broke, my contractions started (and progressed!) on their own, I labored for a few hours and pushed her out on my own. I did not need pitocin; I did not need an epidural; I did not need a c-section, which is how so many births progress according to the movie. Very interesting movie - definitely pro-midwifery but a little eye opening nonetheless.

This post was brought to you by the letter O!

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