Monday, August 11, 2008

8 months old

And we enter month nine finally sleeping normally again, eating like a champ and just being a little squirmy monkey.

Ava has discovered all kinds of new talents and skills in the past week or so. Here are the highlights:

* 3 full ounces in the sippy cup - all by herself!

* she is learning the pincer-grasp - mostly she passes the food puffs from hand-to-hand and tries to get it in her mouth; often she succeeds, other times Indi gets a treat!

* she is mostly sitting up on her own (and only wobbles over about once a day)

* she is army crawling all over the place when she is not roly-polying all over the place

* she has separation anxiety pretty badly when it comes to me; she wants me, then she wants to squirm away from me, then I hand her off or lay her on the floor . . . and she wants me. Vicious cycle.

* she has discovered the joys of clapping (and I have discovered the need to be fast and quick and stealthy while trying to feed spinach to a clapping baby - in and through the hands before the hands send spinach flying)

* she doesn't like her feet to touch grass. I put her feet on grass and they act like two negative ions - the feet touch the grass and immediately repel up into the butt. Quite funny to watch, as it's almost done in slow motion, much like those sensitivity plants that curl up when you touch them.

* she'll play with her books (much like reading) for a little while before eating them (before she skipped all play in favor of just eating!)

* she likes lentils and spinach, two of our purchases from our less-than-pleasurable trip to Whole Foods this weekend

* she continues to be sweet and cute and funny and silly and smart and all of the things that mommies say their babies are best at!

Me and Grandma

Just chilling with Mom and Grandma

I love playing with paper - it crinkles.

Reading with Daddy. He makes me laugh.

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