Saturday, August 23, 2008

From the past two weeks

Going for a walk on her 8 month birthday (or perhaps it was the day after)

All she needs now is a tin cup and she'll be a perfect little jail bird.

After a week of having a cold, she's finally (mostly) back to her normal happy self.

My little spitter. She covered her face (and the camera lens) with spit (a sure sign that she's feeling better)! This is also her first real game, first played with her Grandma. First she spits, then you spit, then she spits... soon you're in a spitting contest!

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Derryth said...

Very Cute, can't believe she is 8months already! The sitting up stage is very cute, but also very tiring when they don't want to sleep. I never removed my cot bumpers for the very reason of getting legs caught in the bars, and todate we have had no problems with them.
Enjoy Ava