Sunday, August 03, 2008

Save the iMac, save the world!

Joe is on his way to Best Buy to find a cable that he needs to (hopefully) fix my computer. We will keep you posted (really, no pun intended!).

And the title? We've run out of "Weeds" on Netflix and so have moved on to "Heroes" - save the cheerleader, save the world! We love it!

Update: So far it's not looking good. Joe gives me about a 50% chance of getting all my data - including photos and other documents. Luckily we backed things up a few weeks ago, but I'm not sure yet how many pictures we may have already lost.

Final update: The iMac as we knew it is no longer. Joe is now wiping the hard drive clean. He said, "The hard drive is toast." That can't be good. All is not lost, however, literally and figuratively. We backed things up mid-July so the only photos lost are on this page from yesterday down to the blueberry picture, and many of these were formatted in such a way so that I can work some magic in Photoshop and have print-worthy quality! Not sure I'm so enamored with Apple anymore. Sucks when your computer crashes.

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nikole said...

Oh, honey, I'm SO sorry. Bug hugs.