Friday, August 22, 2008

How to nap a baby?

So, you've heard the phrase "how to skin a cat?"

Well, I worked on my own version today.

Q: How to nap a baby?

A: Nap with the baby.

That's what worked for us today. After several attempts to lay Ava in her crib after she had fallen asleep on me, I gave up and called in the big guns: a blanket and the 'mama swaddle.' During all attempts to extend her 40 minute nap, Ava fell asleep, leaving me to rightfully assume that the little one was sleepy. So I swaddled her to me, leaving her little room to fidget and poof*! out like a light! I sat with her for probably half an hour before I finally made the seamless transfer from chair to crib. still sleeping. She definitely needed to nap.

And why? Perhaps because she was working hard on her new trick: sitting up on her own from the laying down position!

During one of the attempts to calm her down, I opened her bedroom door to see her sitting up, knowing full well that I know did not leave her in that position when I left the room two minutes earlier!

More mad skills. And more work for us. I guess the bed needs to be lowered and the bumper removed (although that may stay in until she can stand as I came in a few weeks ago during a bumper-free day to find a little leg poking through the crib slats and a little unhappy baby).

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nikole said...

I often resort to the mama swaddle. And since our nights have been a bit rough this week, mama has needed a nap too!

Her new tricks are so exciting!

I do hope our drooly girls can meet in person some day. :-)